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1993 Saturn SL2

Carbon fiber wrapped hood

The Saturn SL2 was designed to be a regular daily-driver sedan. 4 doors, automatic transmission, with a simple yet effective 4 cylinder engine. I'd guess that you're asking yourself, "what's so special about a Saturn?".That question is what made our CEO Jonathan Desantis turn this simple daily driver, into a fully built, Dyno tuned, race car. 



*LA Sleeved close deck block 

*JE Forged Pistons 

*Scat Rods & deep heat treated Crank

*GUD Cams

*Fidanza Cam Gears

*Farrea Valve Train 

*Custom Intake Manifold 

*Alpha Tuning Exhaust Manifold

*Precision Turbo 

*Tial Waste Gate & Blowoff Valve   

*LSD Differential Quaife 

*Microshoppined Transmission Gears 

*Haltech ECU 

*Driveshaft Shop 5.0 Axles 

*ATL Fuel System 

*SSBC Calipers, 12.5"Rotors, Bar Bump Steer Tie Rod Ends 

*AMR Engineering Coil Overs & Strut Tower Braces 

Jonathan took some time to answer some of our clients most frequently asked questions about the SL2 Build. Here are his answers. 

*So, Why a Saturn?! 

"Because everyone always asked or would tell me 'Why a Saturn?'. I wanted to prove to everyone that no matter what car, whether it was a Mclaren or a Saturn, anything can be done if you work hard enough or dream big enough 

*What Made You Decide on doing a Racer Build over the Standard Aftermarket Build? 

"Because more and more people kept telling me what I was trying to build was impossible an that it could never be done, and that it was just a waste of time. It just kept fueling the fire for bigger and better modifications." 

*About How Many Man Hours Has It Taken to Build?

"At the least it's taken 600 man hours plus countless blood, sweat, and tears." 

*Was there any point where you wanted to give up? Why? And what made yogurt back up and keep going? 

"No not necessarily. I mean there were of course the times when I would jokingly say that I was going to give up and there were definitely times where I would get so frustrated that I had to just look away from it for a little while but those moments never lasted long. I had so much time, money, and all of my dreams invested in it that there was no way I was going to give up. It was going to happen no matter what." 

*You were supposed to be featured on a Netflix show, What was that experience like? 

"Amazing! It was a dream come true to have even been recognized by the producers and have them stand in my home. Someone in the car community posted a casting opportunity on Facebook and I thought 'What the hell!'. They Said they were choosing unique builds to race a Lamborghini. Bryan Salamone's to be exact. So I entered the SL2. Next thing I know the producers are in my driveway discussing the show!" 

*What Kind Of Power Does It Have? 

"Right now it's running at half power, which is equivalent to 15 pounds of boost." 


*And lastly, Can you explain the difference between NOS and CryO2? 

"Nitros Oxide injects directly into the motor while a CryO2 system cools off some of the components of the motor. Nitros is more powerful, but much more dangerous. So far, with the CryO2 system I've gained a total of an extra 25 horsepower." 

Fully built perfermance saturn engine
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